iQuolify, Recruitment Portal for Immigrants Launches in Nigeria

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An immigrant recruitment portal for professionals has been launched in Nigeria for immigrant job seekers in Canada, Europe and America.

The portal was unveiled at a virtual event attended by On-Nigeria Director for MacArthur Foundation, Dr. Kole Shettima, African Award-winning Actress, Kate Henshaw, Canadian Immigration Resettlement Expert, Tracy Docheff, IT experts, Human Resource Experts and other International Development Experts.

Akin Fadeyi, the founder of the iQuolify Project, said, “iQuolify is a well thought out digital recruitment solution for Immigrant Professionals who compromise their qualifications for jobs below their pay grade outside their countries”.

Akin Fadeyi, founder iQuolify

“iQuolify will focus on showcasing immigrants to prospective employers, Data Analytics for policy makers, mentoring and Training until target immigrants are able to optimally integrate and unlock their potentials.

MacArthur On-Nigeria Director, Dr. Kole Shettima declared that the Foundation has always held diversity, equity and inclusion as values.

He said At the MacArthur Foundation, we ensure that our decisions and actions are rooted in the values of diversity, equity, and inclusion by embracing the unique attributes of all individuals; creating a fair playing field for all; and cultivating environments where everyone feels respected, valued, and a sense of belonging. iQuolify is therefore a very compelling fit into our work culture and work I commend the initiative”.

Dr. Bankole Odole, the Co-Founder for the Canadian iQuolify, opined that “as an immigrant with five Masters Degrees, I had experienced firsthand, challenges immigrant professionals grapple with. The idea of iQuolify is therefore a ready solution capable of shielding other incoming immigrants from such same challenges.

Kate Henshaw, African Award-winning Actress and Social Advocate (Guest Speaker) expressed delight, describing iQuolify as a project whose time has come. She said “Many people have good reasons to migrate but find themselves disadvantaged as migrants and then resort to menial jobs.

She said the platform is a great vision that will bring to table solutions to less dignifying jobs. Kate Henshaw added the need to maximize one’s opportunities at home or abroad, by focusing on constant self-improvement, not just leaving the country by any means.

Prof. Sola Akinrinade, Board Member Tech HERfrica, former VC Osun State University and former Provost Independent and Corrupt Practices Commission (ICPC) Academy; spoke about educated migrants not living up to their potentials because they travel unprepared and encouraged all to take advantage of iQuolify to mitigate these lapses.

Tracy Docheff, Immigrant Resettlement Expert, Director of Marketing and Communications at Toronto Newlife Wellness Place said her job as an immigrant settler within various Canadian communities is going to be simpler with iQuolify.

Also at the event was Olufunmilola Bucknor, Founder and Lead Consultant, HR Madam Consulting who shed light about her challenges recruiting for organisations within and outside Nigeria over piles upon piles of resumes. She did iQuolify will bridge this gap.

Other speakers at the unveiling who shared their experiences as immigrants were Dr. Kunle Ojoleye, IT Expert, Consultant and former Sessional Professor at the University of Calgary, Alberta.

Mr. Victor Ogunmola, Geo-Sciencist at ExxonMobil, United States and Mr. Dapo Rotifa, a Business Development Expert in the US. iQuolify is the digital community of Canadian employers, recruiters and civil society groups; seeking a qualified and professional workforce, worldwide.


iQuolify is an NGO product, a non-profit solution, driven to bridge immigrant professionals, to prospective employers. 

The iQuolify website is the portal to solve the problem of migrating only when once has a befitting job waiting and not travelling to get stranded.

Videos are vetted before they go live on iQuolify for quality control, hence, there are video samples on the portal to aid user presentations.

Recruiters find qualified applicants by clicking on profiles on the portal. iQuolify takes the migrant from where they are, to where they want to be.
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